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Righthand Capital is an innovative family office serving the unique needs of families who dare to build something special and enjoy doing what they do best.

We respect the precious gift of time, the power of family, and the value of business. Our clients receive concierge service in the areas of wealth integration, portfolio management, advanced planning, and entrepreneur coaching.



We’re not for everyone.
Are we for you?

What we do for you

  • Wealth Integration

    What if you could get better outcomes
    in less time from your advisors?
    We’ll get everyone pulling together for you.

  • Portfolio Management

    How do you mix and match assets and liabilities
    to minimize risk and maximize your return? We’ll plant the seeds,
    move at your speed, and manage the growth.

  • Advanced Planning

    How do you share your wealth with your family
    and community?
    We’ll architect an enduring legacy for you.

  • Entrepreneur Coaching

    Who do you trust when you are at the top?
    We’ll coach you from startup through liquidity,
    accelerating value creation and minimizing stress.





    What our clients say

    • “Tom quarterbacks the important client matters and works seamlessly with the other advisors. His knowledge and depth across personal issues, financial planning, and business expansion is unique and especially valuable.”

    • “I feel really good about the services you provide and the relationship we’ve developed over the years. Your team is on the ball, very proactive, much more than investment advisers.”

    • “We’ve been fortunate and I’m especially proud to be able to distribute a tremendous amount of money through our family trusts, family partnerships, and private foundations.”

    • “Tom is a real value creator with proven results and an excellent advisor to middle-market executives.”

    • “You laid out a plan to address my key goals: support my lifestyle, minimize taxes, and help my family. Working quickly and collaboratively, you put the plan in action.”

    • “The platform you have chosen is good. I can easily look at the portfolio. The monthly commentary is positive. You hope that things just run with a direction and a strategy and that’s what’s been happening for years.”

    • “We like the trains to run on time and they do. We also truly appreciate the personalized advice about cash flow as we get closer to retirement.”

    • “They’re amazingly good at using our values to build the big picture. They don’t just focus on the financials, but also what brings us happiness.”

    • “When we started working together, we were financing the business with our personal savings. Now we have a scalable financing platform, enjoyed a liquidity event, and eliminated the pressure of personal guarantees.”

    • “Your counseling has enabled us to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor at this “close to retirement” phase.  Without this input we would not have had the confidence to this.”

    • “I’ve worked with other people, listened to their promises, and watched as they offer only what their company is telling them to sell. The team at Righthand Capital follows through and does it, instead of pretending to do it.”

    • “You are so responsive when we send an email. You know what you’re doing and make it easy on us. The setup of our charitable trust was straightforward, no drama.”

    • “Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with many advisors and coaches. Tom’s ability to prepare and guide entrepreneurs, focusing them on improving the critical elements that build value in the business, while staying in-tune with their unique personal and family considerations is special.”

    • “The thing that I like that you do is understanding my family situation. The level of investment in knowing what we have going on and the documenting the history of our decisions is unique.”

    • “I want to sleep well, knowing that my money is watched and protected. I like the cadence, the amount of communication we have, so that I don’t have to think about it.”

    • “The annual reviews are incredibly helpful, especially when we are reminded of the reasons, we made decisions years ago. This keeps us on track to our long-term goals. Your thoughtful approach demonstrates that you have our best interest at heart.”

    • “Tom’s check-ins, guidance, and conversations are always very helpful. Our monthly strategic planning meeting is extremely valuable.”

    • “When my company was acquired, it was invaluable to have a team in place to help me navigate the new waters of financial freedom.”

    • “Tom is very thorough and an ideal coach and advisor for entrepreneurs. He understands the stress of hyper-growth and fiercely protects his clients’ interests.”

    • “I’ve been very happy with what we’ve done together. It’s worked out unbelievably well. I don’t have any negatives. We’ve minimized growth in our estate and maximized value in the family trusts and foundations.”





    Who we are

    Jordan Amor

    Bio Coming Soon…

    Fred Hoff

    Fred Hoff

    Bio Coming Soon…

    Mike Kautz

    Mike Kautz, FCA

    Bio Coming Soon…

    Dr. Bogdan Matei

    Dr. Bogdan Matei

    Bio Coming Soon…

    Tom Snow

    Tom is the founder and President. He is a coach at heart and enjoys contributing to the success of others. Like a Captain of a ship, he carefully charts a course and is prepared for any weather to insure that your journey is pleasant, smooth, and speedy.

    Tom is fascinated by things that are elegant in their simplicity. For example, he can opine about the versatility of wool for longer than you want to hear. And don’t get him started on the amazing adaptability of water …

    “Wake early, stand tall, lend a hand.”

    “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”
    (Popular Swedish saying)

    “Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.” (John Wooden)

    Breathe believe, wonder blunder, laugh love.





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